CAPTx guides and supports customers in the modernization of applications and in the integration of cloud services.

The world is changing, the markets, enterprises, business models, IT and its software landscape. A close alignment between business and IT is essential and beside speed and agility the prerequisites for success in this digital era.

Monolithic concepts are passé. The future belongs to IT systems which consist of various interconnected services running independently, secure, smart, and scalable.

The CAPTx Transformationeers strive for a holistic approach. We integrate cloud services, processes, people as well as technologies end-to-end.
As an outcome - Tailored IT emerges, which is in line with the market demand and the business needs.



Our solutions

Our solutions

The CAPTx Transformationeers guide and advise professionally their customers on all aspects of cloud- and application transformation. While doing so, we focus equally on people, processes and technologies at first. Be it in advising and defining the needs-based technologies, the appropriate cloud-/service provider, for a role of a project manager or project employee as well as for the planning or implementation. CAPTx is at your side with sound technical and business knowledge and project experience.



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- Cloud Transformation Assessment 




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Application Transformation

Approximately 80% of today’s applications are still operated in own data centres with great effort. Every year more apps are added, which in turn need to be integrated into the operating and support processes, whether they run on-premise or in the cloud.

Assessing or evaluating your existing applications and moving them to the Cloud, is often the most time-consuming phase of the cloud migration. Implementing a private cloud or procuring public cloud services is often completed within a reasonable time. CAPTx would be happy to discuss the impact of the cloud- and application transformation for your company and present the CAPTx Methodology more in depth.

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Application Transformation Model

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Is your company cloud-ready?

The private- and public cloud are no longer alien concepts, but rather reality and a hot topic for small-, medium- and large-sized companies. Lift and shift to the cloud can be an intermediate step, but from the experience made it doesn’t unfold the expected added value, neither for people, process nor for the budget. Furthermore, unwanted dependencies occur. Multicloud vs. single cloud: it is important to find the right cloud operating model.

The CAPTx cloud readiness assessment provides you with an agnostic and holistic evaluation of the status quo.

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An ecosystem for synergies

CAPTx closely collaborates with selected partners and provides a comprehensive service-, solution and technology portfolio.