Application Transformation Assessment

In order to gain initial experience with the methodical competence of CAPTx, we provide you a proof of value offering.

Three mutually selected application will be assessed towards their cloud readiness. Your benefit: holistic insights of your application landscape as well as detailed information regarding priority, interdependency and the impact for the company, the processes and the policies. Furthermore, a possible migration path is shown, and recommendations are made.

The assessment is entirely vendor- and technology agnostic and provides a neutral and profound foundation for your next steps and decisions.




Application Transformation Assessment

Proof of Value

  • Workshop agenda: set & agree assessment goals and application strategy, evaluate and define 3 major apps
  • List & prioritize the predefined apps
  • Analyze the predefined apps
  • Findings & Report

Application Transformation Assessment

  • List and prioritize apps
  • Classify each app and its data
  • Define and verify compliancy requirements
  • Assess applications on following criterias: findings 1-3,
    architecture as well as cost, effort and risk
  • Operation & governance

Findings, Reporting & Decision

  • Workshop agenda: findings, report and proposed decisions
  • Roadmap based on priority, feasibility and impact
  • Define next steps and projects


Next Actions

  • Based on outcome of the prior workshop (findings & decisions)

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